The Way of the Master Wizard

Turning your world outside in

A guide to the way life unfolds, the science behind it and

revealing of the gift inside you to bring healing to yourself and all the world.

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The Way of the Master Wizard is an ongoing workshop. It begins with Level 1 Class with indepth teachings of the 7 Principles of Wizardry. Level 2 Class brings all these Principles into our heart through deep personal healing. We will continue with ongoing informal group gatherings as you experience the application of the principles. The classes contains Universal codes to facitate your alignment with these Principles, online or in-person.

Most everyone I know has some understanding of the Laws of Creation but I have found that few really grasp the magnitude of their power. They may 'use' the Law of Attraction to get rockstar parking spaces but never understand that the same Law will release them from anger, lack or _______ (insert a long list of life struggles). It lead me to wonder why people suffer? I feel it's just a habit, something we learn as children, seeing our parents suffer. We accepted suffering as a way of life. We are like Merlins caught in the Crystal Cave. We believe so strongly this is all that can be, living in the Crystal Cave, that we don't even consider that there is life outside the cave.

In order for Merlin and us to be free of the cave, we have to first realize we are limited to this belief and then release the belief that the cave exist. That when true Magic and Miracles Happen!

So... why would you want to take this class? Maybe, just maybe, you've realized that you're in the Crystal Cave and your're ready to GET OUT!

Level 1 is a 4 hour workshop, with the option to attend in-person or online. Each of the 7 Principles of Wizardry will be examined in-depth. And there will be so much more, like moving past blame and anger, releasing stuff in your life you don't want and creating a life filled with love and abundance!

Level 2 is a 4 hour workshop, with the option to attend in-person or online. There must be at least one week between Level 1 and Level 2. In this workshop, we'll truly strip down to the nitty gritty and embracing the self with love.

The Round Table.  Ongoing online gatherings to solidify the teachings into daily life. The Magic of the message is only as good as one allows oneself to put it into practice! It must be tried, tested, tried again in order for one to finally embrace it in the heart.

Excalibur - The double edged sword of Truth.

One edge calls forth the Power

The other cuts it off?

Will you call it forth or cut it off?


Presented as a 2-Class series

Level 1 - Class date

Presented at the Pink Dolphin in Summerville

 Saturday, March 31st, 1-5pm


Level 2 - Class date

Presented at the Pink Dolphin

Saturday, April 7th, 1-5pm


Level 1 & 2 Classes -$55

Both levels are required to receive certification as a practitioner. They are also a prerequisite for

"The Traveler's Guide to the 5th Dimension"

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Level 1 class dates 2018
Level 2 Class dates 2018
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