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Dianne Thomas
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
Pink Dolphins

There is a compelling energy swirling around us all right now. It's beaconing us to create a new world. This begins within ourselves, for as we move into alignment with our true selves with acceptance and love, our world will respond to reflect this love,
 and miracles happen!

What is a Miracle?  ~   a wonderous event that appears unlikely and transcends the known laws of nature.

Many people spend their lives stuck in limiting beliefs, anger, and sabotaging behaviors. They need a guide to offer a new prospective and propel them to their higher sense of purpose.

This program utilizes the Law of Attraction principles, Reiki therapy and proven energy-shifting techniques, in 4 weekly, 2-hour sessions.  Each session is designed to the needs of the individual, plus email support between sessions.

Some of the results of this program:
~Resolve relationships issues
~Stop procrastination
~Clear burdens and baggage from the past
~finding life purpose
~ release addictive behaviors
~heal emotional traumas
~taking control of your own life
~forgiving the past
~moving from depression to joyful
~self-confidence and love
~manifest wealth and abundance
...and much more...

Still Wondering if you can benefit from this program?
email me
or call me (Dianne) at  843-297-2468

The amazing price of this program is only $450.00

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