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Dianne Thomas
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
Pink Dolphins

MY gift to you

"Living in Abundance" Meditative Journey

The intention of this 15 minute Journey is to bring you into the moment, prepare you to receive the object of your desire and align your being with your desire.

It is important to state and be clear about what you wish to bring into your life before the journey.

It is recommended that you do this journey once a day for 21 days for the best results.

Be prepared to receive inspired thought or action. Inspired thought is the 'light bulb' - the "Aha" moment that seems to come from nowhere. That's because it is your higher self communicating to you what you need to be in alignment with your desire. Following through with this inspired action is a confirmation of your desire , keeping you in the receiving phase of the manifestation.

Do not allow your focus to return to the 'asking' phase. When you catch yourself focusing on 'not yet having the desire', be gentle but firm, saying
" The Universe is in the process of unfolding everything I need to receive __________" 
Then ask "What inspired action will bring me back into alignment with my desire?"

Please email me with any questions or comments about this journey. Thank you!

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