Just like you, my life has been filled with glorious victories and defeats, challenges that pushed me into new thoughts, and limiting beliefs that have kept me from standing in the fullness of my light. It's an essential part of 'being human'! As my life unfolds with new challenges and experiences, I have learned to embrace them and learn from them. That doesn't mean I don't get frustrated, or angry or confused. We are meant to experience the full spectrum of emotions, appreciating the ones we like and learning more from the ones we don't. So I see myself as one whose experiences can be valuable in helping others through their challenges. I see myself as the headlights on your car, to help you see your way down your own path. Through this collaboration, we both shine brighter and stronger.
      Growing up in rural Kentucky, I first met the opposition when I announced that I was going to be a doctor."No, little girls become nursed not doctors", I was told. I didn't believe them, but I didn't argue. I knew I was meant to be a healer. While in pre-med school at Vanderbilt University, I was distracted by another passion, theatre and acting. This 90 degree shift led into a wonderful adventure, co-owning at Dinner Theatre in Nashville, TN with my first husband, and becoming a mother to his three children. I learned so much and grew to love everyone but myself.
     The day I turned 50 was another great shift in my life. I reconnected with my first love in High School, Ken Thomas, found Reiki, moved to Charleston and began to reconnect with myself. It has been nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.
     When I found Laurelle Gaia through the International Center for Reiki Training (www.reiki.org), I felt a kindred spirit. She has been my Reiki Master from Reiki I & II in Myrtle Beach in 2001, Reiki Master Level in 2002, Karuna Reiki in 2004, and now my mentor in the International Center's Teachers Program, to be completed in June 2008. Since then, I have added EFT( Emotional Freedom Technique), PEAT (Primodial Energy Activation Technique) and channeling my Star Essense - Qui Hin Sah. More recently, I have embraced  the high frequency of Holy Fire Reiki. 
      My husband (and love of my life), Ken, and I meld my Reiki practice with our Bed & Breakfast in Summerville. Ken is also a Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Practitioner. Ken brings a 'technical' approach and I offer a 'feel' approach, complimenting each other in how we introduce others to Reiki. With Ken's Captain's license, we hope to expand our businesses to offer sailing and whale adventures in the near future.
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Dianne Thomas
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