The Pink Dolphin is Looking for Her New Caretaker!


Our amazing stay at the Pink Dolphin is coming to a close! She is ready for a new Caretaker. Someone who loves her and takes her to the next level of Divine Love.

Our journey here has been incredible, filled with wonderful experiences with our guests. We had no concept these last 17 years would bring so much new awareness and expansion of our lives. The people who have walked through our door and into our lives have taught us, healed us and shown us how rich life can be when you just trust!

The Pink Dolphin is Love!

 She holds within these walls an energy of love and healing, and she touches each person who enters. She opens our hearts and our minds to new perspectives.

The Pink Dolphin is New Beginnings!

Ken and I are seekng new horizons on our new acquired catamaran called 'Wu Wei'. Wu Wei is a Taoist term for 'going with the flow' - using the energy of the presence to propell into the future. Well, google it and you will see that it is a natural progression for us!

The Pink Dolphin is Expansion!

It's hard to put into words the love we have for this house. If you would like to talk, call us 843-821-0232

If you would like to see the details, goto