It's TIME To Thrive

A COMMUNITY FOR FULFILLING POTENTIAL THROUGH EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING! Thrive is Unique! No one else offers this method to release the subconscious mind of its focus on Survival, creating a new reality of thriving!

Our Mission is to assist each person in the THRIVE Community to grow and flourish in every area of life - Love, Health and Wealth!


Join THRIVE today and receive a 4 2- hour Holy Fire Reiki/Soul Coaching Session Free ($400 value)

Special Weekly Conference Call - Every Tuesday 7-7:30

 plus 2 extra calls this week - "Introduction to Soul Coaching"

 Wednesday, Oct 1st @ 7pm

 Thursday, Oct 2nd @ 7pm

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Learn more about the THRIVE community and discover Soul Coaching! You'll also get a great tip for transforming your perspective and your life!


Something deep within you knows there is more to life than the daily struggle. You feel like you're on a merry-go-round that doesn't stop! Every day you do the same things, deal with the same problems and continue to get the same results. You want more joy, fun and excitement in your life! You have sooo many dreams, sooo much potential! If you're looking for a way to increase your financial security, feel healthy and enjoy satisfying relationships, this community is for you!

How would you like to...

~ Identify and remove limiting beliefs that keep you in lack of loving relationships, perfect health and money.

~ Turn 'struggle' into THRIVING!

~ learn the skills to create the life that excites you! Full of love and passion!

~ Gain confidence and trust in yourself and your decisions.

~ Learn how to communicate effectively, to be heard and to truly listen to others.

~ Build a cummunity of like-minded people to share and grow together.

~ Awaken the leader within you to help others

~ See a new perspective about reoccuring patterns that keep you stuck

~ Transition from a J.O.B. into a career that excites you!

~ Fulfill the dreams you never thought possible!

~ Make a BIG difference in the World!

Sounds like a lot to accomplish, doesn't it. Well, IT IS!

Sounds like a lot of hard work. Well, IT ISN'T!

The Journey begins with a single step!


What you can expect from THRIVE?  

THRIVE offers you:

* Weekly recorded 'thought-sharing' teaching. Only 30 minutes and accessible on your schedule. Each teaching will awaken a knowing already inside you. Questions at the end will assist you in seeing within more clearly.

* Weekly community chats (about 1 hour) to further assist in applying the teaching to daily life situations.

 *Supply of Powerstrips, organic ingredients infused with Quantum Wave technology, for physical alignment with well-being. Powerstrips provide pain relief, nutrition, stress relief and energy! Upon joining, you will receive 2 packs of 15 powerstrips.

* Every Day, Holy Fire Reiki energy is sent to every member - holding each in space of Full Love and Wellbeing.

* A Wealth-creating platform. This is community built and will create an amazing residual income as your subconscious is rewired for abundance! This is how Law of Attraction really works - no doing, just allowing!  We're talking $1000s of dollars!!! $$$$Dollars to support the new life you are creating!

* Community support and sharing

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How do you Begin this Journey?

 The Journey begins NOW! It's very exciting and a little scary! I know! Everything that is offered is designed to expand you! Some things in your life may change but they will only change for the betterment of you!

The cost is a one time fee of $175 to receive and share a wealth of knowledge that will propel you into your new life!. You can leave anytime but as the community grows, you will be building a residual income.

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Join THRIVE today and receive a 4 1- hour Holy Fire Reiki/Soul Coaching Session Free ($400 value)